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Ch 16 Test Sherman

Ch 16 Textbook French Revolutions Test                          

Because of fiscal problems and rising discontent, Louis XVI of France was forced to summon     

In spite of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen     A)  Women did not receive political rights     

B)  Sovereignty still resided in the person of the king     C)  Freedom of religion was still restricted     D)  Press criticism of the National Assembly was forbidden

Famous motto of French Rev was

The Constituent or National Assembly in France     Replaced the Catholic Church with the Protestant Church                 Converted France into an Enlightened Absolutist monarchy     Converted France into a constitutional

 monarchy     Converted France into a republic

The Third Estate at the Estates General of 1789     A)  Cooperated fully with the nobility     B)  Demanded that all

three estates meet together and vote individually, assuring that the Third would dominate the Estates General     C)  Cooperated with the king in enacting needed fiscal reforms     D)  Demanded that France be organized like England, with a House of Lords and a House of Commons

The French Rev was in part precipitated     

The king of France at the beginning of the French Revolution

The most important cause of the French financial crisis of the late 1780's was     

On the eve of the French Revolution, the nobility, the middle classes, Enlightenment intellectuals, and peasants all

had disagreements with the monarch. Which of the following sets of disagreements is not accurately described?     The nobility resented the loss of their privileges and the ending of serfdom because of the Enlightened Absolutism of Louis XV and Louis XVI     B)  The middle class, growing in size and wealth, wanted reforms and access to offices and privileges enjoyed by the nobility     C)  Enlightenment intellectuals, by popularizing words such as "nation", "citizen", and "general will" questioned long-established political and social institutions     D)  Peasants (and many townsmen) were hurt by food shortages, high prices, and growing unemployment

Those in the Estates General who took the Tennis Court Oath vowed

The Parisian fortress captured by the populace on July 14, 1789 was the     

The Civil Constitution of the Clergy     

The major accomplishments of the National Assembly [Estates General] during the French Revolution included     The Parisian sans-

 The war that broke out in 1792 between France and much of Europe was caused

The immediate result of the major European war that broke out in 1792

The Jacobins and the Girondins     A)  Opposed the proclamation of the Republic by the Convention     

B)  Were  rival revolutionary political factions in the National Convention     C)  Supported the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte     D)  Were important religious movements in the 18th century

Under the direction of the Mountain, the National Convention     

A)  Expelled and arrested the leaders of the Gironde     B)  Enacted a law of the Maximum to control the price of bread and flour     C)  Selected a Committee of Public Safety to carry out radical revolutionary programs  D)  All of the above


The major purpose of Terror during the French Revolution was  

The Republic of

Such developments in the French Rev as the attack on the Catholic Church, new laws on marriage and divorce, and

            the adoption of the Revolutionary calendar were part of the phase of the Revolution  called

In the New World, the French Revolution inspired a major slave revolt

A sign of growing discontent in France with the Terror and the Republic of Virtue was     

The "Thermidorian Reaction" during the French Revolution came when the Convention overthrew and executed     The Thermidorian Reaction     A)  Was a chemical term from the Scientific Revolution     B)  Was the result of

            Louis XVI's attempt to flee France in 1791     C)  Was the overthrow and execution of Robespierre and the

            end of the Terror     D)  Was Napoleon's seizure of power

The immediate results of the overthrow of Robespierre were all of the following except     A)  A successful

counter-revolt by the sans-culottes     B)  A reopening of many Catholic churches, especially in small towns and rural areas     C)  A new constitution that established a five-man executive board, the Directory     D)  A royalist uprising in Paris in May, 1795

The French Revolutionary regime that followed the overthrow of Robespierre was called     

Napoleon Bonaparte made his early military reputation with early victories in     

Upon seizing power in France, Napoleon

A major uprising against Napoleon's brother Joseph Bonaparte, who had been made king by Napoleonic decree, took place in     A)  Austria     B)  Portugal     C)  Spain     D)  Prussia

 Point out the incorrect reason for growing European resistance to Napoleonic rule     A)  Dissatisfaction with the Napoleonic Code because it embodied the principles of the French Revolution of     B)  Dissatisfaction with the growing number of annexations of traditionally independent areas such as Holland to France     C)  Dissatisfaction with the rule of Napoleon's relatives such as Joseph in Spain     D)  Dissatisfaction with the economic restrictions of the Continental System

Napoleon's invasion of Russia failed for several reasons,

The military defeat of Napoleon was accomplished in 1813-1815 at the following battles     

As part of his effort to consolidate his rule in France, Napoleon Bonaparte did all of the following except     A)

Enact the Napoleonic Code, which secured equal rights for all French men, but left women subordinate     B)  Establish a Bank of France to handle government funds     C)  Sign a Concordat with the Papacy to end religious problems caused by the Revolution     D)  Establish free, democratic elections

In his military career, Napoleon invaded all of the following except Russia Spain Austria   Britain

The basic purpose of Napoleon's Continental System was     

In those parts of Europe directly ruled by Napoleon or by his relatives, the following occurred     

Napoleonic rule in Europe led directly or indirectly to all of the following events in the Americas except A)  The ultimate triumph of the slave revolt in St. Domingue (Haiti)  B)  The independence of Canada from Great Britain     C)  The Spanish American revolutions led by Bolivar and others, that led to independence for Hispanic countries     D) War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain

The major problem that led the king of France to convoke the Estates General was the threat of royal bankruptcy if nothing was done.     A)  True    B)  False

A major factor in the social-political scene in France in 1789 was that the middle classes would not side with the monarchy against the aristocracy as they had often done in the past.     A)  True    B)  False

The Tennis Court Oath was taken by the noble delegates to the Estate General, vowing to resist the demands of the Third Estate for a change in the voting procedure.     A)  True    B)  False

Among the rights enumerated in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen were "Liberty, equal rights for women, and resistance to oppression."     A)  True    B)  False

 The idea of equality in the French Revolutionary triad of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity meant full civil and political rights for women.     A)  True    B)  False

 The war that broke out between France and Austria and Prussia in 1792 was an important cause of the overthrow of the French monarchy.     A)  True    B)  False

 In the National Convention during the French Revolution the Jacobins sat on the right and the Girondins sat on the left.     A)  True    B)  False

Committee of Public Safety had two principal goals: to secure the republic against internal and external enemies and to carry out a program of revolutionary radicalism.     A)  True    B)  False

 As part of revolutionary radicalism, the French National convention introduced a new calendar and the system of metric measurements.     A)  True    B)  False

 Robespierre and the Terror were overthrown in part because the defeat of both internal and external enemies of the French Rev had led many persons to favor more moderate policies.  A)  True  B)  False

The Directory, which succeeded the Republic of Virtue in France, soon had a firm and unchallenged control over the country.     A)  True    B)  False

 Napoleon's second victorious military campaign culminated with the defeat of the British at the Battle of the Nile.     A)  True    B)  False

The Napoleonic Code, although written at the behest of an authoritarian, nonetheless affirmed such important Revolutionary gains as equality of all before the law.     A)  True    B)  False

Napoleon believed that his power in France and in Europe could be maintained only by additional conquests.T or F

 The year 1805 saw the French navy defeated at Austerlitz while Napoleon won a brilliant land victory at Trafalgar.     A)  True    B)  False

The purpose of Napoleon's "Continental system" was to form a firm alliance with Great Britain T or F

South American revolutionaries, when seeking independence from Spain, rejected the Napoleonic Code T or F

The application of the Continental System by Napoleon started to bring about a growing European dissatisfaction with the emperor.     A)  True    B)  False

Only slightly more than half of the troops that marched with Napoleon into Russia returned to Western Europe.     A)  True    B)  False

Napoleon's attempt to come back from exile in St. Helena led to his final defeat at Leipzig.     A)  True    B)  False

The King of France at the time of the French Revolution was __.

Unable to obtain cooperation from the Notables or the Parlements, Louis XVI was forced to call the __.

Vowing not to disband until they had written a constitution for France, the members of the Third Estate took the _.

The French Revolution took a violent turn in July, 1789, with the capture of the __.

In August, 1789, the National Assembly issued one of the most important documents of the Revolution, the __, which expressed many of the ideas of the Enlightenment and the American Revolution.

Arguing that French women should have the same rights as men was __.

The great motto of the French Revolution was __.

The most important radical political club in the French Revolution was the __.

Within the National Convention two major factions struggled for control of the Revolution, the Jacobins and the _ To further radical revolution, the National Convention established the Committee of Public Safety, dominated by _ The policies of the Committee of Public Safety in seeking out and punishing enemies of the Revolution has been called the __.

A byproduct of the French Revolution was a major slave uprising in the Americas in __.

The sudden end of the Terror, climaxed by the execution of Robespierre, is termed the __ .

After the end of the Terror in France, a new constitution established a five-man executive board called the __.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on the Mediterranean island of __.

Napoleon's first major successful military campaign was his invasion of __.

To secure Catholic support for his new Regime, Napoleon signed the __ with the pope.

The major legal reform undertaken by Napoleon was __.

In order to force Britain to make peace with France Napoleon prohibited the importation into Europe of British manufactured goods, a program called the __.

Known as "the Liberator" for his efforts to free South America from Spanish control was __.

The first unraveling of the Napoleonic regime started when he blundered into a guerilla war in __.

 Napoleon' final defeat was by the British and Prussians at __.

Put the following into chronological order.

Assembly of Notables

Battle of Waterloo

European war begins

Invasion of Russia

Louis XVI executed

Napoleon crowned emperor

Napoleonic Code

Napoleon's coup d'état

Republic declared

The Directory

The Estates General meets

The fall of the Bastille

The march to Versailles

The Terror

Thermidorian Reaction