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Psych Test 4

In most people, the right hemisphere of the brain is in charge of

If a "split-brain" subject were given a key hidden from sight to feel with his left hand, he

In higher animals, visible portions of the brain are covered with a wrinkled layer of gray matter called the

Although the human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds, it is also important to take into consideration __________ when comparing it to the brain of an elephant or whale.

The occipital lobe is to vision as the parietal lobe is to

Surgical removal of parts of the brain to determine their function relies on a technique called

Broca's area is located on the

A patient who has suffered brain damage to the left hemisphere is likely to experience diminished capacity for

The functions of the amygdala include

Creating the magic of consciousness is carried out primarily by

The two cerebral hemispheres are connected by a band of fibers called

Electrical stimulation of the brain-   begins with the implantation of thin metal electrodes deep within the brain.-

cannot be used to electrically activate specific brain areas.- takes minutes to call forth aggressive behavior.- cannot effect behaviors such as sleeping and euphoria.


Language is controlled by the __________ of the brain.

The __________ gland is involved in the regulation of growth.

An accident victim is shown a picture of a car and says, "dar." This person is suffering from

The visual area of the brain is located in the __________ lobe.

Shanna is preparing dinner when she accidentally touches a hot pot. However, she pulls her hand back

 before her brain registers the actual sensation of pain. What could explain this?

One of the main differences between the brains of people who score high on mental tests and those who

 score low indicate that higher scorers have

higher levels of gray matter.       lower levels of gray matter.      lower PET scan recordings.

higher PET scan recordings.      largeness of the brain

Because of severe and constant headaches, Jennifer was given several tests, one of which involved

having electrodes placed on her head to monitor electrical activity in her brain. Which of these tests is being conducted on her?    MRI         EKG    PET scan          EEG     CT scan

Which of these constitutes sensory and motor neurons that connect the central nervous system to the rest

 of the body?

sympathetic nervous system      somatic nervous system             autonomic nervous system

parasympathetic nervous system                        peripheral nervous system

The most obvious difference between the human brain and the brain of a carp would be in the

The major link between the brain and the glandular system is the

__________ is closely related to grammar and pronunciation.


Damage to the cerebellum would most likely result in

The endocrine system

An elderly acquaintance of yours has suffered from partial blindness since she had a stroke. Apparently

 the stroke damaged her

The pons acts as a bridge between the medulla and other brain areas and influences

You are walking through a bad part of town, down a dark alley, and carrying a large amount of cash.

Behind you, you hear a door open and close suddenly, and you immediately dive into the nearest trash container. The part of the forebrain mainly responsible for your reaction is the

An EEG records

As we move from lower to higher animals a larger proportion of the brain is devoted to

Using an electrode, an experimenter produces flashes of colored light and simple visual experiences in a

 patient undergoing brain surgery. Most likely she has activated the

The cerebral cortex is composed of two sides or __________.

The brainstem consists mainly of the

A person who had difficulty __________ would be described as having aphasia.

In order to perform a split-brain operation, the __________ must be severed.

The ___ cerebral hemisphere is superior at perceptual skills and detecting and expressing emotion.

By using electrical stimulation, reward or "pleasure centers" and punishment or "aversive" areas can be

 shown to exist in the

Many addictive drugs stimulate the pleasure centers of the

There is a greater portion of motor cortex for the what part of the body

The limbic system is responsible for

There is more somatosensory cortex for the

The sense of smell depends on the __________ lobe.

The __________ cortex is all areas of the cerebral cortex that are not sensory or motor in function.

If the brain were similar to the postal system, the function of the thalamus would be similar to the role of

The use of an electrode to destroy small areas of the brain beneath the surface is called

Which of the following is most closely associated with language comprehension?

Aphasia            Broca's area                 Wernicke's area            agnosias   loci mentis


The reflex control centers for vital life functions like heart rate and breathing are found in the

The area of the frontal lobe that directs the body's muscles is called the

Loss of the ability of the brain to produce adequate levels of dopamine often leads to

Which task is primarily a right cerebral hemisphere function in more people?

understanding written language                          understanding spoken language 

processing visual info from the left eye               recognizing faces     

processing sensory information from the left leg

Bodily sensations such as touch, temperature, and pressure register in which brain area?

The surgical procedure of cutting the corpus callosum is done in cases of

Which of the following statements concerning the brain is true?

Because the cerebrum is so indispensable to functioning, damage to it may endanger a person's life.

Even if damage is limited to less crucial areas of the cortex, the person's behavior changes so

 radically that even casual observers know that some brain damage has occurred.

Damage to the subcortex may endanger a person's life.

The cerebral cortex is considered a part of the hindbrain.


Which of the following are most involved in the action potential of a neuron?

            calcium and sodium       sodium and potassium               potassium and calcium     chloride and calcium                           chloride and sodium

Which component of the limbic system has an essential role in the formation of new memories?

Which of the following is a major function of the somatosensory area of the cerebral cortex?

primary area for receiving visual information       analysis of body sensations

location of motor control of the body                 primary area for receiving auditory information


An elderly woman suffered a stroke, and there was injury to Broca's area of her brain. Her resulting

 speech impairment is called

Which of the following changes would you expect to occur in someone whose frontal lobes were

 damaged in an accident?

The increased size and wrinkling of the cerebral cortex in higher animals is referred to as

Acetylcholine, epinephrine, dopamine, and histamine are

Many of the chemicals that affect the brain operate by

absorbing neural impulses.                     imitating or canceling the effects of neurotransmitters.

changing the sodium balance in the synapse.      duplicating the effect of potassium in the nuclei.

electrical impulses from the Broca area


The region of the brain most involved in the experience of emotions is the

Which of the following describes brains of persons who do well on mental tests?

They seem to work the hardest.                        They seem to consume the least glucose.

They have the largest corpus callosums. They are the easiest to study using EEGs


Use this statement -A student hypothesizes that high school students consume different flavors of drink before a spelling test will perform differently. A study to test the hypothesis finds that with a bitter drink, performance is best 6 hours after drinking it, whereas with a sweet drink, performance is better 1 hour after drink it.

An interaction between variables complicates the researcher’s explanation of findings. Which of the

            following are most likely involved in this interaction?

            test scores and high school students       B. test scores and time of consumption

            Flavor of drink and time of consumption                        Flavor of drink and high school students

            Flavor of drinks and test scores

Which of the following is the dependent variable?

John Watson was a pioneer in which of the following perspectives of psychology

Weeks after an automobile accident, a friend continues to have difficulty maintaining balance and movements. You should suspect that damage may have occurred to the

An aphasia is a speech disturbance; an agnosia is

The reticular formation RF is associated with

The association areas of the cerebral cortex

Does having a larger brain make a person smarter?

The cerebral cortex is

Brain centers for most vital functions are

Sue has recovered from extensive injury to her left cerebral hemisphere and has continued her career with little sign of impairment. Her occupation is most likely

A new, improved brain imaging technique for measuring glucose metabolism of the brain is called

The __________ area in the brain acts as a final "switching station" for most incoming sensory information.

Destruction of the reticular activating system would result in

John has some paralysis and loss of sensation in his right side after a motorcycle accident. It is likely that there

 is brain damage in the

Dave has just had some medical tests conducted. One of the tests recorded Dave's brain waves on a moving

 sheet of paper. Dave was probably given the

A brief electrical current is applied to the cortex causing movements and muscular twitches in various parts of

 the body. The area stimulated is the

The brain center for audition is in the __________ lobe.

Jim does not understand algebra, but he's a good artist. Jim's __________ brain is probably more fully


In the brain, the function of the reticular formation is similar to the hotel service known as

Neurons are made up of dendrites, a soma, and

The nature of a nerve impulse is primarily a/an __________ event; whereas, the nature of the communication

 between neurons is primarily a/an __________ event.

The conduction of a nerve impulse down the axon is called an

Communication within a neuron is __________, while communication between neurons is __________.

The branching fibers of the __________ end in __________ and link with parts of other neurons.

After successfully running from the large, snarling, drooling grizzly bear that was running directly toward you,

you pause to catch your breath and collect your wits. The physical symptoms you now experience are controlled by the

The part of the neuron that specializes in receiving messages from other neurons is the

Nerve cell bodies and dendrites are not the only locations sensitive to neurotransmitters. Receptor sites can also

 be found on

The fastest neurons can send impulses at about __________ miles per hour.

A nerve cell carrying information from your brain to muscles and glands is called an

A nerve impulse is also called an

Muscles can contract because they are made up of

Neurotransmitters are released at the

Information is first received by a nerve cell at the

Emotional responses to a traumatic event are most directly under the control of the

Chemical messengers that travel between neurons in the synaptic gap are called _____.

Fluctuations in bodily processes and in consciousness over the course of a single day are known as:

The pineal gland secretes a hormone known as _____ that seems to trigger hibernation in certain species and

            also plays a role in circadian rhythms.

Ralph has just flown on a jet from Los Angeles, California to Ithaca, New York. He would be expected to

 experience _____ due to jet lag.