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Stephen Decatur High School A168 Historical Site

Psych Test 6

A child is largely nonverbal, is learning to coordinate purposeful movements with sense information

 and is developing the concept of object permanence. The child is in Piaget's __________ stage.

Newborn children

a.-have limited sense abilities at birth and cannot feel pain at all.

b.-can follow a moving object with their eyes.

c.-cannot learn and must depend on the adaptive reflexes in order to survive.

d.-have extremely poor hearing.

-When we say a child's thinking is less abstract than an adult's, we mean that

a.-children use more examples and generalizations.

b.-children use more principles, but require fewer generalizations.

c.-children use fewer generalizations, categories, and principles.

d.-adults base their understanding of the world more on particular examples and tangible sensations.

-           e. Able to interact with congenital twins

Physical growth and development is called

The rapid and early learning of permanent behavior patterns during critical periods of development in

            birds and other animals is called

When her mother leaves, Linda cries. When her mother returns, Linda crawls into her lap. According to

 Mary Ainsworth, Linda has a(n) __________ attachment.

A child who thinks it gets dark so that she can sleep is demonstrating

Authoritarian parents

Cephalocaudal means

You offer to trade your nickel for a dime held by a child. The child accepts the trade because the nickel

 is "bigger." The child is

Most human characteristics are the result of many genes working in combination. This is referred to as

Studies of the Head Start Program indicate that

Which represents the correct order of Piaget's stages of intellectual development?

Compared to mothers, fathers spend more time

The three basic emotions which appear to be unlearned but take time to develop are

a.-affection, anger, fear.            b.-excitement, jealousy, anger.    c.-delight, jealousy, fear.

d.-anger, fear, joy.                     e. affection, anger, hate


Which of the following most clearly demonstrates the existence of emotional attachment?

a.-separation anxiety      b.-learning to walk         c.-imprinting      d.-language development            e. none


The grasping, rooting, and sucking reflexes of infants are best described as

According to Chomsky, humans have a __________ to develop language.

During the formal operations stage, children begin to

__________ is an example of a congenital problem.

a.-Williams Syndrome    b.-Exposure to radiation c.-Down's Syndrome

d.-Color blindness                      e. Apoxy complex


Harlow's studies of surrogate mothers show that

A child and her father are walking. The child knows there are such things as birds. Upon seeing a

butterfly, she says, "See the birdie," and her father replies, "No, that's a butterfly; see how small it is." This example demonstrates

If infant is startled by a loud sound, it makes movements similar to an embrace. This is called a _ reflex.

I demand that you obey" is to authoritarian as "Do your own thing" is to

A child has learned to get his or her way with a younger sibling by using physical intimidation. If he or

 she uses the same tactics on peers, this demonstrates

The repetition by infants of meaningless language sounds (including both vowel and consonant sounds)

 is called:


Vygotsky's sociocultural theory suggests that a child's most important discoveries are guided by

a.-other children.           b.-adults acting as tutors.           c.-neither other children nor adults acting as tutors.

d.-both other children and adults acting as tutors. e. lecture style learning


Which of the following is one of the four basic ingredients of positive parent-child interactions?

a.-discipline       b.-forced teaching and learning   c.-flooding the infant with stimuli

d.-mutual respect                                   e. ostracism

-Proximodistal means:                           

You are playing with a neighbor's son, Sam. He is taking a stick and waving it through the air, making

airplane noises. You then take the stick and push it along the ground, making car noises. Sam angrily takes back the stick and says, "No, it's a plane!" Sam appears to be in Piaget's

Which of the following is characteristic of good parenting?

You leave your child with a babysitter. When you return, your child ignores you. Your child's behavior

 indicates a(n) __________ attachment.

Competent children who are characterized by autonomy, self-control, and curiosity are often a

 consequence of the parenting style described as

According to Noam Chomsky, day-old infants dance to speech due to

Developmental psychology is the study of

According to Erikson, a major conflict in the first year of life is that between

According to Erikson, failure to resolve the tasks of middle adulthood leads to a sense of _ involving a

            concern for one's own needs and comforts only.

A common mistake made by many concerned parents is likely to be

a.-deliberately creating high levels of stress for their child.

b.-unintentionally creating high levels of stress for their child.

c.-attempting to protect their children from all stress.       d. attempting to rectify arguments

e.-unintentionally rewarding their children for creating stress.


According to __________, we face a specific psychosocial dilemma at each stage of life.

a.-James Coleman         b.-Lawrence Kohlberg   c.-Erik Erikson    d.-Sigmund Freud        e. Joe Piaget

-A driver's license or a wedding ring are what Elkind calls:

a.-status symbols.          b.-social markers.          c.-tokens.          d.-identity signs.            e. ownership

The stated purpose of cryonic suspension is to

A frequently used treatment for ADHD is

I am in my late forties. If I do not reach out to others, especially to young people, Erikson says I will experience

Behavior directed by self-accepted moral principles represents the __________ level of moral development.

A specialist in death and dying, or one who studies death, is referred to as a

According to Erik Erikson, the major developmental task during adolescence is to achieve a sense of

Social learning experiments on the modeling of aggressive behavior have demonstrated that

Lawrence Kohlberg is known for his research in the area of __________ development.

Kohlberg studied moral development by

a.-having subjects keep a daily journal of their actions.

b.-evaluating criminal and delinquent person's court records.

c.-posing moral dilemmas to children of different ages.

d.-having subjects perform various legal or illegal behaviors.         e. none


A toddler learning to use the toilet who sometimes feels bad when he or she "messes up" is at Erikson's

            stage called

The concept of moral reasoning and development is most closely associated with

Which theory shows continuity

Erikson     Vygotsky      Piaget     Kohlberg      Gilligan

Bob explains to son the speed limit is 55. He said stay under speed because it’s the law and to prevent an

            accident. Kohlberg’s level of morality illustrated by this example is

Which is a similarity between cognitive dev. Theory of Piaget and moral theory of Kohlberg?

Both stress importance of changes in thinking in their stages Both believe personality is formed in first 5 yrs

Both stress importance of the 3rd stage in dev. Process  Both developed a life span theory that had 8 stages

Both believed that libido fixated in childhood cannot be changed

According to Erikson, a child entering adolescence can expect major developmental task demands to

 center around the need to

According to Kohlberg’s theory, postconventional morality requires thinking at Piaget’s

A. sensorimotor                         B. Preoperational          C. Concrete Operational 

D. Formal Operational  E. Universal Principle

Researchers were interested in studying the effects of divorce on kids. Their study included 250 4 yr olds.

Interviews and family observations were conducted 6 months, 2 yrs, 5 yrs and 10 yrs after the initial interviews and observations. Which method was used?

Object permanence is

Rooting reflex is a neonate’s tendency to

A critical period is a stage of development t when 

According to Diane Baumrind, which parental styles results in the most socially competent and responsible


The child was born with widely spaced eyes, think upper lip, short flat nose. Maybe mental retardation. Which

 teratogen was the child exposed to during the prenatal period?

Define these term Egocentrism, Observational learning, Overregularization or overgeneralization in language

            Reconstructive Memory, Schema