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Stephen Decatur High School A168 Historical Site

Test 7 Psych

Visual negative afterimages are one result of

(A) sensory adaptation   (B) simultaneous contrast  (C) spatial summation   (D) brightness oversensitivity                           (E) color intensity

The central point of focus in the retina is called the _____.

All of the following are grouping principles found in Gestalt psychology EXCEPT

(A)-proximity    -           (B)-similarity     -           (C)-continuity                (D)-complexity -(E)-closure

Which of the following is NOT one of the basic skin senses?

(A)-warmth                  (B)-cold            (C)-pressure                 (D)-wetness                  (E)-pain

Art is fascinated by the concept that people can recognize objects even when the angle of view, the color

 of the object, or distance to the object changes. What principle has Art noted?

(A)-depth perception                 (B)-selective attention                (C)-perceptual adaptation

(D)-perceptual constancy           (E)-monocular cues

In psychology, which of the following is most appropriate for identifying cause and effect?

(A) Participant observation        (B) Survey methodology            (C) The case study

(D) Experimentation                  (E) Correlational techniques

Chemical energy is transduced to the electrochemical energy of neural impulses at the

Damage to the Hammer/ Anvil/ Stirrup can result in:

A. conduction deafness   B. sensorimotor deafness    C. blindness   D. colorblindness       E. loss of taste sensation

Although Hannah could barely hear the person on the other side of Maya whisper, Maya couldn’t hear

 him at all. For hearing, compared to Maya, Hannah has to:

A. Lower absolute threshold      B. Lower difference threshold   C. higher absolute threshold  

D. higher difference threshold    E. lower tolerance

If you stand on one foot and close your eyes, which of the following senses prevents you from falling?

A. Gustatory     B. Olfactory      C. Kinesthetic               D. Somatosensory         E. Visual

Which depth cue best explains that we are able to perceive a tall building to be in front of mountains about a mile

 away?  A interposition B. texture gradient         C. retinal disparity         D. Convergence   E. the phi phi doe

Mechanical energy of vibrations is transduced to the electrochemical energy of neural impulses at the

Of the following, which bend incoming light rays to focus an image on the retina?

I.                    Cornea             II. Iris               III. lens

A. I only           B. II                 C. III                D. I and III                   E. I, II, III

What part of the eye is part of the brain?

On its way to the cones and rods, light passes through the:

cornea, vitreous humor, lens, iris, aqueous humor     sclera, lens, pupil, iris, vitreous humor

cornea, aqueous humor, pupil, lens, vitreous humor           sclea, aqueous humor, lens, pupil, vitreous humor

retina, vitreous humor, lens, iris, aqueous humor, fovea

Neural impulses go directly to the cortex without passing through the thalamus from receptors in the

A. retina           B. Joints,           C. cochlea        D. olfactory epithelium  E. taste buds

Of the following, which is not a basic taste?

A. Sweet          B. Salty            C. Peppery       D. Bitter           E. Sour

The theory that best accounts for the experience of pain is the

Receptors for kinesthesis are located in the

Carlos was just able to perceive a difference in weight when Maria removed 2 of the 50 jelly beans from

the bag. It is mostly likely that if Carlos had the 100 ct jumbo bah, the smaller number of beans to notice weight loss would be?                     A. 2,                 B. 4                  C. 8                  D. 16                E. 20

Conventional hearing aids may restore hearing by

A. Restoring functionality to a badly punctured eardrum 

B. amplify vibrations conducted by facial bones to the cochlea  

C. translating sounds into electrical signals wired to the cochlea’s nerves 

D. stimulating the semicircular canals to transduce sound waves   

E. converting sound waves into radio waves

Which sense is least involved in enabling you to maintain your balance when you stand on one foot?

Although sound comes from speakers on the sides of the room, viewers watching movie perceive the

 sound from the screen. This phenomenon is best accounted for by

A. Visual capture          B. Proximity      C. Closure        D. Opponent-processes             E. Feature-detention

A landscape painting shows boats on a lake in the foreground and mountains further away. Of the following- which

            cue would not contribute to your perception that the mountains are further away than the boats in the picture?

A. texture gradient        B. Linear perspective    C. Relative height    D. Retinal disparity    E. Interposition

Without this you cannot play sports, drive, and you will have problems walking. Our brain computes

motion on the idea that shrinking objects are retreating and growing objects are approaching and an object changing position is moving- this is called what perspective?

What psychologist's sincerely believed that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The process of assembling sensations in a usable mental representation of the world is called?

No sense of smell is called?

Absence of pain sensation in the presence of a normal painful stimulus is called?

Shanna is preparing dinner when she accidentally touches a hot pot. However, she pulls her hand back

 before her brain registers the actual sensation of pain. What could explain this?

A. Neural networks have taken control of her autonomic nervous system.

B. Her somatic nervous system is responding.     C. She is experiencing a simple spinal reflex.

D. Her sympathetic nervous system has aroused her for fight or flight.

E. Her reticular formation has taken control of her central nervous system.

Because of severe and constant headaches, Jennifer was given several tests, one of which involved

having electrodes placed on her head to monitor electrical activity in her brain. Which of these tests is being conducted on her?    A. MRI         B. EKG            C. PET scan                 D. EEG            E. CT scan

Which of these constitutes sensory and motor neurons that connect the central nervous system to the rest of the body?

A. sympathetic nervous system B. somatic nervous system         C. autonomic nervous system

D. parasympathetic nervous system                    E. peripheral nervous system

The most obvious difference between the human brain and the brain of a carp would be in the

a.-hypothalamus.           b.-thalamus.      c.-cerebellum.               d.-cerebral cortex.         e. fins

The major link between the brain and the glandular system is the

a.-hypothalamus.           b.-pituitary.       c.-CNS.            d.-midbrain.       e. Broca’s area

__________ is closely related to grammar and pronunciation.

Bob explains to son the speed limit is 55. He said stay under speed because it’s the law and to prevent an

 accident. Kohlberg’s level of morality illustrated by this example is

Which is a similarity between cognitive dev. Theory of Piaget and moral theory of Kohlberg?

A. Both stress importance of changes in thinking in their stages B. Both believe personality is formed in first 5 yrs

C. Both stress importance of the 3rd stage in dev. Process     D. Both developed a life span theory that had 8 stages

E. Both believed that libido fixated in childhood cannot be changed

According to Erikson, a child entering adolescence can expect major developmental task demands to

 center around the need to

a.-develop trust in others.           b.-achieve intimacy with another.           c.-acquire personal autonomy.

d.-develop a sense of one's self.             e. none

According to Kohlberg’s theory, postconventional morality requires thinking at Piaget’s

A. sensorimotor                         B. Preoperational          C. Concrete Operational 

D. Formal Operational  E. Universal Principle

Vygotsky's sociocultural theory suggests that a child's most important discoveries are guided by

a.-other children.           b.-adults acting as tutors.           c.-neither other children nor adults acting as tutors.

d.-both other children and adults acting as tutors. e. lecture style learning

Which of the following is one of the four basic ingredients of positive parent-child interactions?

a.-discipline       b.-forced teaching and learning   c.-flooding the infant with stimuli

d.-mutual respect                                   e. ostracism

Proximodistal means:    

What are the two chemicals in action potential?

Substances capable of causing birth defects are known as

Piaget is mainly known for studying

Another name for a newborn baby is a(n)

The second layer of skin is called?

What is the quality of sound?     

When the senses become use to the stimuli this is called?

They cross the synaptic gap?

Discuss the different levels of visual information processing and the value of parallel processing.  Your answer should include:

      Feature detection

      Color constancy

      Parallel processing