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test 9 psych


The three tasks of memory are:

Memory that holds vast amounts of information for very long periods of time is called:

The simplest memory system, sensory memory, holds:

A. cognitive schemas of sensory input for brief periods of time.

B. limited representations of sensory input for extended periods of time.

C. characterizations of sensory input for extended periods of time.        

D. representations of sensory input for brief periods of time.      E. All of the above

If Lisa asks Ralph if he knows how far it is from New York to London, she is assessing his:

Which of the following involves shallow processing of information?

A. determining if two words are synonyms                     B. deciding if a word fits in a sentence

C. thinking of antonyms of a specific word                     D. counting the number of letters in a word

The fact that material learned in one environment is easier to remember in a similar environment than a

             very different environment is known as:

Joan has trouble remembering this semester’s psychology terms because she keeps getting them mixed up

             with last semester’s sociology terms. She is experiencing

This past year Donna was promoted from eighth to ninth grade and was assigned a new school locker with

             a new combination. Donna has found that she has trouble remembering her new combination because it             is similar to her old one. The memory problem Donna is experiencing is most probably a result of

Of the following, who is most associated with the concept of a language acquisition device that appears to

             be an inborn tendency to acquire language in humans?

Deciding whether memories come from external sources (our experiences) or from internal sources (our

             imagination) represent what is called:

A modern view of memories suggests that they are represented:

Karen Sue remembers which wavelengths of light are shorter than others by recalling ROYGBIV. This is

 an example of:

Knowing how to ride a bike is stored in which of our memory subsystems?

Rather than checking the dictionary, Billy Bob used,  ‘I before e, except after c,” to decide the spelling of

 neither. To solve this problem he applied:

The three stages of the Atkinson-Shiffrin process of memory are

Which of the following examples best illustrate episodic memory

Doug wrote grocery list for 10 items, but leaves it home. The list included in order: peas, corn, squash,

onions, apples, pears, bananas, flour, milk and eggs. If the law of primacy holds, which of the following is Doug most likely to remember when he gets to the store?

A. peas, pears, eggs                 B. bananas, flour, peas                          C. apples, pears, bananas  

D. flour, milk, eggs                    E. peas, corn, onion

In example above, which items would be recalled in Doug’s short term memory immediately after

 writing the list?

A. peas, corn, squash               B peas, corn, onions     C. apples, pears, bananas 

D. flour, milk, eggs                    E. flour, corn, bananas

According to the levels of processing theory of memory:

A. we remember items that are repeated over and over 

B. maintenance rehearsal will encode items into our long-term memory 

C. deep processing involves elaborate rehearsal, ensuring encoding into long term memory  

D. input, output, and storage are the 3 levels  

E. we can only hold 7 items in short term memory before it is full

Which brain structures play a key role in transferring info from short to long term?

Phonemes are

Because of all the features commonly associated with the concept bird, a robin is considered

Compared to convergent thinkers, to solve a problem divergent thinkers are more likely to

Unlike Skinner, Chomsky believes children

Having been told that Syd is an engineer and Fran is a elementary school teacher, when Arnold meets the

couple for the first time, he assumes Syd is husband and Fran wife, rather than the opposite. The best illustrates

Which exemplifies retroactive interference:

A. after suffering a blow to the head, J cannot for new memories 

B. Elle failed a Spanish test because she studied her Italian righter after studying Spanish 

C. Lot cannot remember an important historical date   

D. Le cannot remember his new locker combo, but remembers last year’s  

E. j remembers the first few items on the school supply list, but can’t remember the rest

Alpha and Beta waves are characteristics of?

            Humans develop a unique waking sleep cycle that maximizes our chances of survival, is a statement

 most typical of

Which has enabled psychologists to learn the most about sleep processes over the last 50 yrs.

A. psychopharmacology           B. lesions          C. EEG’s         D. CT scans                 E. MRI 

Which stage of sleep is characterized by brain waves with spindles and K-complexes?

The question “Is intelligence more influenced by heredity or experience?” deals with a big issue in

            psychology known as

Dr Didden was hired by the TLC Company to help them retain their employees without lowering the

            firm’s profits. After TLC removed cubicles and permitted employees to decorate their workroom as             recommended by Dr. Didden, the absentee rate declined and no employees left for jobs elsewhere. Dr.             Didden is most likely

Camillo Golgi and a Spanish anatomist named Santiago Ramon y Cajal- forever changed our

             understanding of the brain and shared the what?

When a gene is __________, the trait it controls will be present every time the gene is present.

A critical period is a stage of development t when 

A. specific stimuli have a major effect on development that they do not produce at other times

B. children are resistant to any kind of discipline by their parents

C. new learning is prevented by older learning   D. bonding between parent and child takes place

E. child enters elementary school and needs positive reinforcement

The correct order of Piaget's stages of intellectual development?

The grasping, rooting, and sucking reflexes of infants are best described as

During the formal operations stage, children begin to

Which reflex probably helps prevent falling?

A child is largely nonverbal, is learning to coordinate purposeful movements with sense information, and

 is developing the concept of object permanence. The child is in Piaget's __________ stage.

These psychologists study these mental activities.

Substances capable of causing birth defects are known as

Piaget is mainly known for studying

When her mother leaves, Linda cries. When her mother returns, Linda crawls into her lap. According to

 Mary Ainsworth, Linda has a(n) __________ attachment.

Ralph has looked up a phone number to dial, but before he can dial the number, someone asks him the

            time. He has now forgotten the phone number, which he had stored in:

The capacity of short-term memory is:

The process of combining separate pieces of information into units in short-term memory is called:

In describing a ball that is both red and big, we say, “Big red ball,” rather than, “Red big ball,”. Such a

             rule about word order is a specific rule of

Ralph thinks senior citizens are the ones who back up traffic because they are hesitant drivers. When he

            sees a line he looks for the lead driver. If it is a senior citizen he points it out to his passenger. Ralph is    evidencing: