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Stephen Decatur High School A168 Historical Site

AP Eur 9

Post 1848

1. What type of person espoused 19th C liberalism? Proletariat, Upper Class, Workers, Middle class  Anarchists

2. Who was not opposed to Ger unification under Prussian leadership before 1870. Fra, Austria, England, Italy

3. Young Italy is republican. It is Republican because every nation is destined, by the law of god, to form a free and equal community of brothers; and the republic is the only form of government that insures this future. The author of this passage would support or reject monarchy? Support   Reject

4. Primogeniture means?           5. The Dual Monarchy referred to:       

6. Repeal of Corn Laws in1848 was strongly opposed by

7. Who was not a Romantic author?  Byron, Blake, Wordsworth, Stendhal, Bentham

8. The primary significance of the Crimean War was that:

9. Reassertion of royal legitimacy and rejection of republicanism came from what meeting? 

10. One of the serious impediments to Italian unification in the mid 1800’s was what person? 

11. Bismarck’s Kulturekampf was an attack on

12. Prussian power in the 18th century was primarily based on

13. Charles X was overthrown as King of France for

14. The Irish emigrated to the US and elsewhere in the mid-19th century because

15. Artists who worked in the Impressionist style attempted to

16. In Communist Manifesto, Marx asserted that

17. Anarchist believe that the individual would be free only when

18. Results of the Crimean War

19. The 1848 Revolution was a great turning point in history at which Europe failed to turn. This means what?   20. The most serious challenge to Habsburg authority within the empire in the period 1848-68 came from what 21. The Paris Commune of 1871 resulted from

22. The "Liberal Empire" of Napoleon III represented an attempt to

23. Expansion of Austria Hungary in late 17th century resulted primarily from

24. The Home Rule struggle in the British Parliament during the second half of the 19th century was concerned 25. The Second Republic of France began in what year? 

26. The Belgian revolt against the Dutch in 1830 was prompted by29. Pan Slavism was?

27. Frederich Wilhelm IV of Prussia is supposed to have said: “I will not pick up the crown from the gutter,” in response to a request made by?

28. The communist manifesto call for 29. In the 1800’s, who would be mostly likely a socialist. Type of job?

29. What European country started to overtake England as an industrial power? 

30. China was twice defeated in war by a European power. This country was:

31. Poland disappeared as an independent nation in the 18th century due to

32. Prussia’s victory in Austria in 1866 resulted in

34. The Great Reform Bill of 1832 granted the vote in Gr. Brit. To

35. When we ask for the abolition of the state, we are told we are asking for a society composed of men than are better than what they are. We are only asking that man not be made worse by the institution of the state. The author believes in what idea? 

36. The whole of mankind has been one of class struggle. The author advocates who to be overthrown?

37. No person would make something at home which will cost more than to buy it. If a foreign country can make something cheaper, we should allow it in:

38. The building of a large German navy in the first half of the 20th century antagonized who

39. Who worked in the Impressionists style except:

40. The Luddites were known for

41. During 19 and 20th century, the first European country to experience dramatic birth rates was:

42. Social Darwinism believed that:

43. After the failure of the 1848 Rev., many Italian Liberals looked to Piedmont for political leadership because:  44. Utopian socialists were labeled as such by Marx because:

45. The suffragettes gained much attention in Great Britain because:

46. Virginia Woolf’s A Room for One’s Own became an important piece of feminist writing pointing out:

47. Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism attempted to show: 

48. The regime of Louis Philippe of France was overthrown in 1848 for

49. The Third French Republic was racked with scandal in 1890’s over

50. The Boulanger Affair almost destroyed the:

51. Bismarck’s attitude towards acquiring colonial possessions was:

52. Alexander II of Russia was called the Reformer Tsar because he was active in

53. European imperialism in Africa was facilitated by

54. Feminism emerged as an important movement. It most important focus in the early years was

55. The “white man’s burden” referred to

56. European countries were motivated to assert imperial control over countries

57. The Frankfurt Parliament of 1848 marked an attempt to

58. New or reformed police departments were established in France and England by what year

59. Who was not involved in extending the understanding of nuclear physics

60. Fabian Socialism advocated

61. I set myself against the notion that we have to accept the fact the bourgeois will collapse shortly. These people base their theory on he communist manifesto and they are incorrect. This author would support what idea?

62. State funded public education became widespread in during what decade? 

63. Public health improved by improving sanitation which was spurred on by the continuing epidemics of:          

64. Bismarck’s greatest fear for Germany was that: 

65. The initial German reaction to French colonialism in Africa was:

66. Which was a result of Einstein’s theory of relativity:


This Peter Brueghel depicts what?












The painting shown to the right, Judith and the Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi, is distinguished by its drastic treatment of the subject, an oversized canvas, and intensified use of light and shadow. The art movement it

represents is: