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Ch 7 Myers

Ch 7  Myers Psychology


If asked to press a button when they are tapped, people can respond in 1/10th of a second. This best illustrates

the importance of:

Staying up especially late on weekends is most likely to have an influence on:

The different brain wave patterns that accompany various sleep stages are recorded by means of a(n):

Sleepwalking is most likely to be associated with ________ sleep.

A recurring sleep stage during which most vivid dreams commonly occur is known as ________ sleep.

Sleep is _______ by adenosine and _______ by serotonin.

Which of the following sleep disorders is most strongly associated with obesity?

The distinction between manifest content and latent content is central to ________ theory of dreams.

The social influence theory of hypnosis receives support from evidence that:

Research most clearly disputes claims of:

Those who are highly hypnotizable are especially at risk for:

Dissociation has been used as an explanation for:

Research on addictive drugs most clearly indicates that:

Cocaine is to ________ as marijuana is to ________.

The experience of vivid geometric images and dreamlike scenes is most likely to be triggered by:

A car driver's ability to navigate a familiar route while carrying on an animated conversation with

            passengers best illustrates the importance of:

The five-stage sleep cycle provides an example of:

Bright light inhibits our feelings of sleepiness by influencing the production of:

The large, slow brain waves associated with Stage 4 sleep are called:

The visual and auditory areas of the brain are most active during ________ sleep.

Those who complain of insomnia typically _______ how long it actually takes them to fall asleep and

_______ how long they actually slept.

Which sleep disorder is most likely to be accompanied by sleepwalking and sleeptalking?

The activation-synthesis theory provides a physiological explanation for:

An Austrian physician's so-called "animal magnetism" best illustrated the dynamics of:

In order to help patients control their undesired symptoms or unhealthy behaviors, clinicians would be most

likely to make use of:

In an experiment, hypnotized subjects are told to scratch their ear if they hear the word "psychology"

mentioned later. The fact that they do so only if they think the experiment is still under way most clearly supports the theory that hypnosis involves:

The experience of insomnia following discontinued use of a psychoactive drug best illustrates:

Which of the following psychoactive drugs produces the quickest and most powerful rush of euphoria?

Recent studies indicate that sixth graders ________ their friends' use of marijuana and college students

 ________ their classmates' enthusiasm for alcohol.

Hallucinations similar to those that accompany a near-death experience can be produced by: