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Ch 10 Myers

Ch 10 Myers Psychology

Pablo vainly searches for a screwdriver while failing to recognize that a readily available coin in his pocket

 would turn the screw. His oversight best illustrates:

The easier it is for people to remember an instance in which they were betrayed by a friend, the more they

expect such an event to recur. This best illustrates the impact of:

College students are more likely to judge a condom as effective when informed that it has a 95 percent

 success rate than when told it has a 5 percent failure rate. This best illustrates the impact of:

Professor Chadwick evaluated a graduate student's research proposal negatively simply because he had

heard a rumor about the student's incompetence. When later informed that the rumor had been patently false, the professor's assessment of the student's research proposal remained almost as negative as ever. This best illustrates:

A computer program designed to process the information in a psychology textbook and correctly answer

 multiple-choice questions regarding the text contents illustrates an application of:

In the English language, adjectives are typically placed before nouns, as in "white house." This illustrates a

            rule of English:

The two-word stage of language development typically begins at the age of ________ months.

In her research, Professor Kyoto seeks to identify circumstances in which confirmation bias is especially

 likely to impede effective problem solving. Which specialty area does her research best represent?

Arnold had difficulty recognizing that bullfighting was a sport because it failed to resemble his __ of a sport.

In attempting to solve difficult sexual assault cases, a police detective frequently reminds himself to focus

investigative suspicion on the victims' friends and acquaintances. This strategy best illustrates the use of:

Because he erroneously believes that older workers are not as motivated as younger workers to work hard, a

factory foreman is especially vigilant for any signs of laziness among his senior workers. His supervision strategy best illustrates:

People are often unable to come up with the simple solutions to some of the three-jugs problems presented in

the text because they repeat more complicated solutions that worked in the past. This best illustrates the dynamics of:

A defense attorney emphasizes to a jury that her client works full-time, supports his family, and enjoys

leisure-time hobbies. Although none of this information is relevant to the trial, it is designed to make the defendant appear to be a typical member of the local community. The lawyer is most clearly seeking to take advantage of:

Prompt feedback regarding your performance on psychology practice tests is most likely to inhibit:

Brutus believes that men enjoy watching professional football and that women are categorically distinct from

men. His gender stereotypes are so strong, however, that he mistakenly reasons from these premises the illogical conclusion that women do not enjoy watching professional football. His reasoning difficulty best illustrates:

Maintaining one's conceptions even after the basis on which they were formed has been discredited is known


The word "chimps" contains ________ phoneme(s) and ________ morpheme(s).

Adding -ed to the word "laugh" means that the action took place in the past. This illustrates one of the rules

of English:
Vocal sounds that are not included in one's native language first begin to disappear from usage during the

_ stage of language development.

Which language theorist would have been most likely to emphasize that children master the rule for forming

the past tense of regular verbs like "push" before they learn common past tense constructions of irregular verbs like "go"?   

To simulate the learning of the statistical relationships among language terms, researchers are likely to make

            use of:

Your ability to recall which direction you turn the faucet handle in your bathroom in order to get cold water

best illustrates the importance of:

We more quickly recognize that a blue jay is a bird than that a penguin is a bird because a blue jay more

 closely resembles our________ of a bird.

Prototype is to category as ________ is to ________.

To find Tabasco sauce in a large grocery store, you could systematically search every shelf in every store

 aisle. This best illustrates problem solving by means of:

Max is so used to thinking that a tough competitive style of behavior is the best way to impress others that

he fails to recognize that the most effective way to impress his girlfriend is with cooperative tenderness. Max's oversight best illustrates: