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Ch 18

Ch 18 Myers Psychology

Marilyn judges her professor's strict class attendance policy to be an indication of his overcontrolling personality rather than a necessity dictated by the limited number of class sessions in a course that meets only once a week. Her judgment best illustrates:

Bart complied with his friends' request to join them in smashing decorative pumpkins early one Halloween

evening. Later that night he was surprised by his own failure to resist their pressures to throw eggs at passing police cars. Bart's experience best illustrates the:

Cognitive dissonance theory is most helpful for understanding the impact of:

In making wedding preparations, Jason conforms to the expectations of his future bride's family simply to

 win their favor. His behavior illustrates the importance of:

The level of obedience in the Milgram experiments was highest when the "teacher" was ________ the

 experimenter and ________ the "learner."

Bonnie pedals an exercise bike at her health club much faster when other patrons happen to be working out

 on nearby equipment. This best illustrates:

When a group of high school students who were all prejudiced discussed racial issues, their attitudes became

 even more prejudiced. This best illustrates:

Kelly, a Republican, and Carlos, a Democrat, both believe that members of their own political party are more

 fair-minded and trustworthy than members of other parties. Their beliefs best illustrate:

When visiting the Bergin-Belsen concentration camp shortly after World War II, one German civilian was

said to have remarked, "What terrible criminals these prisoners must have been to receive such treatment." This reaction is best explained in terms of:

After extensive exposure to X-rated sexual films, men are subsequently ________ accepting of women's

 sexual submission to men and _______ likely to perceive a woman's friendliness as sexual interest.

Max fails to recycle his glass, metal, and plastic garbage because he thinks it's personally inconvenient and

likely to have minimal impact on the city's already overflowing landfills. His reaction best illustrates the dynamics of:

When buying groceries, many shoppers prefer certain products simply because they have a familiar brand

 name. This preference best illustrates the importance of:

Which theory best explains why the excitement that lingers after a frightening event can facilitate passionate


Mr. Hughes heard what sounded like cries for help from a swimmer located 30 yards from the ocean

shoreline. He continued walking along the beach, however, because he figured that one of the many swimmers in the vicinity would provide help if it was needed. His reaction best illustrates the dynamics involved in:

The hostilities between two racial subgroups of a riverfront community were dramatically reduced when the

threat of their river flooding its banks required that they work together to save their town. This best illustrates the impact of: