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Ch 13 Bernstein

CHAPTER 13               Health, Stress, and Coping

Dr. Quinlan’s mission in life is to prevent the spread of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

 He helps to inform the public about how AIDS is transmitted and how people can protect themselves. Dr. Quinlan’s work falls under the category of

a.   community mental health.                                  b.         community psychology.

c.   health psychology.                                            d.         psychoneuroimmunology.

Which of the following people is experiencing a stressor that falls in the life changes and strains


a.         Ross, whose wife just had a baby          b.         Rachel, who was just in a car accident

c.         Monica, who spends two hours in traffic each day on her way to work

d.         Chandler, who has to deal with an unfriendly co-worker every day

Stress is defined as

a.         feeling uncomfortable in certain situations.

b.         the process of adjustment to disrupting circumstances.

c.         damage to the body caused by psychological processes.

d.         difficulties in daily living.

Ragu turns off his alarm clock in his sleep, and this causes him to wake up late for work. He quickly

showers and then jumps into his car, only to find that the car won’t start. Once he manages to get to work, he spills coffee on an important document. Ragu is experiencing

a.         chronic stressors.                                  b.         daily hassles.

c.         life changes and strains.             d.         catastrophic events.

Which of the following is the best example of a catastrophic event?

a.         Being stationed at a remote military base

b.         Being unable to find a phone to make an important call

c.         Going through heated divorce proceedings

d.         Receiving a promotion that brings more responsibility

Kirk lives in the residence halls and has a hard time studying because the people next door play loud

 music every night.  The noise is an example of

Grandma is being chased by a reindeer.  As soon as she saw the reindeer racing toward her, her heart

began to beat faster, she started breathing quickly, her muscle tension increased, and adrenaline was released into her bloodstream.  In this example, Grandma is in the _ stage of general adaptation syndrome.

After the initial shock of entering cold water, swimmers feel comfortable even though their blood

 pressure has increased. They are in the ______________ phase of the general adaptation syndrome.

Little Jill creeps downstairs on Christmas Eve to try to see Santa.  To her shock, she sees her mommy

kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe!  In response to this stressful sight, Jill wishes that it had never happened and tries not to think about it too much.  In this example, Jill is using ______ focused coping methods.

Unlike posttraumatic stress disorder, burnout is the result of

Batman and Spiderman are having lunch together.  Spiderman confides that he can’t take the stress of

crime fighting anymore.  He’s become accident prone, sad, irritable, and indifferent to the growing injustice of the city.  Based on what you know from the text, Spiderman seems to be suffering from

How does social support help prevent illness? Social support

Rick’s marriage is fairly stable. George, on the other hand, fights with his wife and worries that she

might leave him. According to the results of the Terman Life Cycle Study, George is more likely to ______ than Rick.

The field of psychoneuroimmunology traces its roots back to the research on bacteria and stress

 conducted by

The field of psychoneuroimmunology studies

Oscar is suspicious, resentful, antagonistic, distrustful of others, and frequently angry. Oscar is

 displaying characteristics consistent with ______, which is a risk factor for ______.

Compared to the major causes of illness and death in the United States a century ago, the current

 leading causes of disability and death are

Boris is feeling really stressed and calls a friend for some advice. This is an example of a(n) __ coping strategy   

Neil is worried about his parents.  Both of them have been heavy smokers for as long as he can

            remember.  He has good reason to worry, given that smoking is

Which of the following is not one of the assumptions behind Rosenstock’s health-belief model?

People’s decisions about health-related behaviors are guided by

Sarita knows that she is greatly overweight, and although she thinks about her weight all the time and

worries about its effects on her health, she doesn’t seem to be able to change her eating habits. According to Prochaska’s model, Sarita is at the ______________ stage.

Will and Grace have finally gotten Karen to acknowledge that she drinks way too many martinis every

day.  Karen says that she has a specific plan for giving up alcohol, and she has already taken preliminary steps by drinking only two instead of ten martinis each day.  According to Prochaska’s model, Karen is in the ______ stage of readiness to change health behaviors.

Sheila used to be faced with anxiety, confusion, and discouragement resulting from her “perfectionist”

attitude. She made herself much calmer and happier when she adopted the attitude, “Perfection is impossible; all I can do is my best.” This is an example of

Pliny, the Elder, has just returned from a hard day of work. He sits in his favorite chair and

systematically begins to tense and relax various muscle groups. His son, Pliny the Younger, walks into the room and says, “Hey, look! Dad is ______________.”

Liz is observing her friend Betty tensing her muscles for a few seconds and then releasing that tension.

Betty has just done this for her hands, arms, legs, feet, and abdomen.  Liz thinks that Betty has gone crazy.  However, Betty is most likely engaging in

Drug use, progressive relaxation, and meditation are ______________ coping strategies.

Dr. Vinson is interested in examining the interaction of psychological and physiological processes that

 affect the body’s ability to defend itself against diseases. Her field is called

Because Amber went out last night to watch the Emma Feel band, she was unprepared for her psychology

final today. As a result, during the middle of the exam she began to repeatedly think, “I should have studied more for this test.” This type of thought pattern is representative of

While taking a test, Bernadette is asked how positive or negative certain events were for her. She is also

given the opportunity to write in and rate any stressors that are not on the printed list. Bernadette is most likely taking the


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